About Us



Dixie X-ray Associates Ltd. is a group of radiologists, technologists and support staff who have been providing imaging services to Mississauga and North York since 1975 and Vaughan area since 2005. Our radiologists provide imaging services to the Humber River Regional Hospital network as well as operating 5 Independent Health Facilities. At these facilities,  we support more than 350 doctors and we handle approximately 600 patients per day.

Dixie X-ray is currently the largest provider of imaging services to the Ontario population of all hospital associated radiology groups. We are the largest provider of imaging services in Vaughan and we provide full nuclear medicine services including nuclear cardiology as well as a comprehensive cardiology testing lab.

Our Doctors / Radiologists / Management

Dr. Daniel Slipacoff MD FRCP RVT

  • Specializing in Echocardiography Vascular Ultrasound and Mammography

Dr. Ronald Polson MD FRCP

  • Specializing in Muscoskeletal Ultrasound and Mammography

Dr. S. Nimu Ganguli MD FRCP

  • Specializing in Nuclear Medicine

Dr. Isadore Joseph Czosniak MD FRCP

  • Specializing in Vascular Ultrasound, and Mammography

Dr. Allan Yee MD FRCP

  • Specializing in Interventional Radiology, Cardiovascular Imaging and Mammography

Linda Grant-Blewett MRT,ACR,BSc,BAdm,Dip Ed,MSc,RSO

  • Director of Operations

Dr.  Minoo Bozorgzadeh MD FRCP RVT

  • Specializing in Echocardiography Ultrasound and Mammography
  • Fellowship trained at Women’s College
  • Specializing in Electrocardiography, Ultrasound and Mammography

Dr. Lilly Teng MD, FRCP

  • Fellowship trained in Musculoskeletal Imaging and Imaging-Guided Procedures

Dr. Stephen Nash BSc MD FRCP

  • Fellowship trained in Cross-Sectional Body Imaging

Dr. Soe Lwin Kyone MD FRCP

  • Fellowship trained and specializing in Body Imaging and Cross-sectional Imaging (Including CT & MRI)

Our Mission Statement

At Dixie X-Ray our focus is to participate in the formation and maintenance of healthy lives within our community:

We Accomplish This By:

  • recognizing and respecting the value of every person/ patients/ staff/ referring physicians/ and/or other clients
  • our commitment to learning, excellence and leadership
  • building a work environment where every person has an opportunity for personal and professional growth
  • providing health care services in a fiscally responsible manner which will contribute to the physical, psychological, and social well being of the patients and the community
  • ensuring that all physicians and staff are appropriately credentialed and current in their education
  • providing the highest quality clinical and patient care services in an
    environment that is safe, friendly and accountable
  • collaborating with the health care providers and or other outside agencies to ensure we are meeting their needs and improving health care within our community
  • focusing on providing a safe environment where all safety guidelines and principles are practiced such as ALARA, WHMIS etc